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Some suggestions for your stay in Los Cabos

The Climate

Los Cabos has a pleasant year round climate with negligible variation. November through May the temperatures averages from the mid 70's to the upper 80's, due to the fanning by cooling trade winds. The rainy season is in between mid July and October. The rains are short in duration, refreshing and add to the really marvelous sunrises, sunsets and balmy evenings.

You may be misled about the intensity of the sun on your skin because of the cool breezes off the Sea of Cortez. Keep this in mind and use a good sun screen. A very nasty sunburn can spoil a vacation!

Things To Do

There are miles of sand and excellent beaches. Each beach is different, try to see them all. The swimming, snorkeling, surfing, sailing, fishing and windsurfing are most popular. Water temperatures average 72.

There are many excellent sightseeing tours. On land you can visit many areas - LaPlayita, Punta Pescadero, Los Barriles, Buena Vista. Year round sports-fishing leads world records and is not to be missed.

There is a Municipal Golf Course in San Jose as well as 6 world-class courses along the corridor to Cabo San Lucas (see corridor map). Tennis can be played at the Municipal Golf Course and at many hotels and condo complexes such as at Las Misiones. Some Hotels host entertainment events such as the "Mexican Fiesta". There are many excellent restaurants - from "Tacos to Gourmet"!

Time & Movement

Los Cabos is on Mountain Standard Time throughout the year. Daylight Saving has just come into play - but "siestas" and "manana" apply always! Keep in mind that you are in a foreign country, where a slower pace is kept.

Shopping, dining hours and even siesta times are a new experience to be savored - try slowing down - relax and enjoy the lifestyle. We have found as a general rule of thumb siesta time is between 2-4 and many shops will close.


Bargains are possible - the buying power of the dollar is favorable. 'Making a deal" is part of the fun shopping in Mexico but don't try to steal your purchase. Always keep in mind what the Peso is worth! Do not attempt to bargain in the better shops. There is an endless selection of art, crafts and gift items. Wearing apparel and footwear are good buys.

Money Exchange

The Peso floats on the world market and its value can change from day to day. You will get the best rate of exchange at the banks. They are equipped with ATM's and will offer you a choice of US or Peso. Peso is usually the best way to go.


Mexico has a value added tax as we do here. It is called IVA. Please do not confuse this with the tip (Propida). The staff in bars, restaurants and other service-oriented business's survive on your "tips". They are paid very poorly - please be as generous as you can (15-20%). Keep in mind that the Peso has devaluated, but the wages have not gone up.

What Should I Wear?

Casual, cool sports wear is the order of the day. A light sweater may be needed for evenings. It is not appropriate to wear bathing suits: to town remember, no shirt - no service! The same applies for the Golf Course. Dress as you would at home (when it is hot) and you'll be very comfortable in any situation.

Getting Around

The most efficient means of transportation is by taxi! Cabs are everywhere. It is a good idea to confirm the price before departure. Once you have figured out how they drive - it might be a good idea to rent a car. There are several rental agencies but keep in mind, the rates are high. Please direct your vehicle inquires to us as we can arrange something for you. The bus service between San Jose and Cabo San Lucas is excellent. If you are not sure of bus stops, just stand on the side of the road and wave!!!

Driving In Cabo!

You might be more comfortable if you ride cabs for a day or two in order to figure out how the Returno's work! Also the driving style is about the only thing that is FAST, so please drive VERY defensively as skill and road sense are not the best. Remember that you are in a foreign country and the rules, regulations and laws are different. Use Common Sense! Beware of cattle and horses on the road and be aware of the one-way streets when driving in town. Also watch for "Topos" signs - this indicates a speed bump or dip in the road. A Mexican may not drive a car with Canadian or U.S. plates. Please check regulations if you do rent a car through a Rental Agency.


International phone service is quite expensive so it is to your advantage to call home "collect". Beware of phone booths that offer long distance on your credit card - it is very costly. It's a good idea also to purchase a prepaid phone card for coming home but make your calls short and sweet. There are many places that offer Fax service.

Medical Attention

While it is hoped you won't have the need, this bit of information might be helpful. All hotels maintain on-call physicians. Good hospitals and dental care are available. There are some excellent English-speaking doctors if you are in need of medical

Should I Drink The Water?

The tap water in San Jose del Cabo is safe but we recommend that you use bottled water for drinking in your condo. All hotels, restaurants and bars provide purified drinking water and ice. Bottled water is readily available in all grocery outlets. Also, your condo complex will have water delivery upon your arrival refer to your Welcome Booklet for details.


The electric power in Los Cabos is the same as in Canada or the United States. There are power surges in the area so make sure if bring electronic equipment with you that it has a surge protector

Hints & Helps To Make Your Trip More Enjoyable

It is a good idea to put a few special spices in baggies. Some units are well equipped but others may not be.

Remember to bring your "'special" dietary needs products and meds.

Try speaking some Spanish. It is very much appreciated and there is no need to feel embarrassed, as most of the local people are happy to be practicing English. Together it's called "Spanglish". Just keep your "Spanish helper" with you.

It is best to take your bankcard. There are plenty of banks and interact ATM's. Your best rate is always at the bank.

Please take beach towels or buy a "blanket" while there. The use of your Condo bath towels for the beach is a "no-no"!!!

A list of beaches is attached. Please use caution if the "'surf is up"!

We have prepared a list of restaurants. All have been tried or come highly recommended. In general, the food is good and the service is great great!

Keep in mind that the pace is much slower in Mexico. Relax & enjoy!!

If you are interested in checking out the real estate market, please ask Tom, as he can advise you.

There are many tour & fishing charters as well as 6 championship golf courses. Check with us for some recommendations.

Supplies in your condo are for your use. We do ask that you replace items. Please keep in mind that the next guest may be arriving late and a few start up things would be great.

Your condo is treasured by its owner! Please take good care of it. And remember´┐Ż condo's are "self-contained". Please leave as found. Thanks.

Use common sense - getting too much sun, over-eating and drinking too much of the wrong thing are the usual causes of "Mexican tummy" we know you will enjoy beautiful, sunny Los Cabos

Have a great holiday & return safely - enjoy!